Your Camera Does not Make the Image

I can not tell you the amount of people who make comments about my work being good because I have a fancy camera. Or that they can not produce good work because of their cameras. Other photographers have talked about this subject, but I find myself needing to say it as well. The camera is NOT what makes you a good photographer. I am not saying that once you are at a certain level that you will not want to upgrade. And as you progress you will see the difference in quality but it is so minute to the average person. I have seen people do incredible work with super cheap cameras and people with the top of the line gear put out something that looks they had never picked up a camera before in their life.

What makes a photograph great? As Ansel Adams said The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!” That’s right, it is you! Your eye, your knowledge, your artistic ability. People think because I have a new NikonD850 that is the reason I am doing well. Now don’t get me wrong I love “Night Fury” But I was working with a Nikon D5300 and with a Nikon D3200 and getting images published in magazines and working with businesses. I have only had my D850 for the last year. It is NOT the camera, it is the countless hours of obsession and study.

So what do you need to do?

Study and practice! Be forewarned, you will be studying for the rest of your life. It is a never ending process. Use the heck out of your camera until you outgrow it! Then you will know you are ready for a new piece of equipment. I am not saying that a great camera is not helpful for some things, but don’t expect the camera to do the work for you, and don’t wait until you have the perfect gear. Use what you have and make the most of it!