Book her when you are in need of an incredible headshot. The experience was five star and Lauren has such a fun personality!

August 24, 2018

I initially met Lauren, owner of Adventure Bound Media at a speed marketing event. Her outgoing and fun personality stood out, and my interaction with her was of my favorites of about 50 other businesses. I found her company on social media and stayed socially connected to her. About a year later, I started the Farmhome Palette magazine and needed some advice from a professional photographer. Lauren was at the top of my list for a few different reasons. She is extremely personable, communicates well and promptly, is a straight shooter, and of course, I have always been impressed with her work.

I met with Lauren, and that meeting turned into our Farmhome Palette journey together. Lauren is the lead photographer for the Farmhome Palette magazine. She takes all the photos for the articles, recipes, most of the featured stories, and she also collects a folder of images to use as the magazines stock photos. Lauren is very organized and on top of her projects, and that makes for great business. She gets things on her calendar right away and is very prompt when delivering the images. Lauren continually surpasses my expectations. Her passion for what she does is contagious, and her work speaks for itself. You are guaranteed to smile when she is in the room.