Branding Brittle Gift

This is an example of a large branding campaign for Brittle Gift a subsidiary of Robinson Soft Brittle. Brittle Gift is a high end gourmet confection catering to people who want a luxury experience with their candy. This is a small sample of the branding done for Brittle Gift. Logo design, color, fonts, photography, ads, leave behinds, labels and more! Scroll down to see the different sections.

Logo – Business Card – and Labels

For the logo the Robinson’s already had a family crest that they wanted to use as a logo. So we altered the original colors so we could have the high end feeling they were looking for.
There are also examples of their labels and business card here as well. A business card is a clients first impression of you therefore it is something that I think it should have time and effort put into it.


A sampling of the many photo shoots done for an extensive branding like this one. A photograph is worth a thousand words is a very true statement. You want images that showcase the items and your over all feel.



A brochure when needed can say a lot about your company, you do not just want the info, you need to have it make an impact. Specific info on products are important, but remember that many people make decisions based on emotion, and your look can evoke that emotion.

Leave Behinds

Leave behinds are anything you want to leave with customers and prospective customers. Technically the brochure is a leave behind too, but that was extensive enough to have its own category.

Flyers and Banners

Flyer and banners created for promotional use at events and retailers.

Social Media

Images created specifically for the clients social media.