Looking for something unique?


I have news for you not all photographs are created equal. There are so many different photographers with so many different styles. Information is coming at you from every direction. But what you don’t seem to find is that thing that makes you say WOW. Something that is inspirationally uncommon and stands out. Here is a secret, it is not just about being a good photographer, it is about being good at the editing process too.

That is where I come in! My name is Lauren and I combine photography and digital work to deliver that inspirational wow factor for people who want something more than the ordinary.

I offer art created custom for individuals, commercial art, book cover art, and printed images from my personal created line of fine art. I am constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with my art to create work that is impactful, uplifts, and inspires. If you are looking for art that will set you apart from the rest connect with me today!